WP Simulator review April 2013

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First of all. Can I ask you a question? Are you a blogger or an Internet marketer who makes money online? If yes, I think you have used and will use the Wordpress platform because it's very easy to manage and optimize, especially for SEO.
There're hundreds of thousands of plugins and themes developed for it everyday. And it's certain that you are using dozens of those for your blog or website? Well, I'm using them like you, they're very very useful, but the problems begin from here. I will ask you a few more questions, ok?
  • Have you ever gone crazy since the server was like a broken robot? It was so slow, and you pressed F5 continuously but there was nothing changing at all. Ahhhhh!!!
  • Have you ever bought a new, great and nice theme or plugin then uploaded it to your site and suddenly saw the white screen of death? What!!!!
  • Have you ever been writing an extremely long post with lots of picture and html codes for a few hours then clicked on the "publish" button and waited to see the post, but see nothing? Where is my post?
Those are just some problems I can remember and have ever suffered. There're many problems that may happen to you. They will cause a pile of serious consequences for you. Do you want me to list some?
  • Lose sales
  • Lose rankings on Google
Well, How to solve these problems? I have recently found a software that can help us. I will show you right now.

What is it?

It's WP Simulator
Creator: Matt Garret and SEO UK team
Launch date: May 1st, 2013
Price: $97 but the discounted price for only a limited time is $27

What exactly does it do for you?

As you can see the bad things above, it will help you solve those hating enemies. It improves your work performance. Saving your very valuable effort, time and money is just its job. There will no longer fear losing sales, even losing your worth-thousands-of-dollars database because of a few minutes of DDOS from "lovely" hackers. And here're exactly what it does:
  • Create Wordpress sites offline and upload it to your host as soon as you need
  • Fix broken sites & work on live sites off-line
  • Test plugins & themes without uploading to a live hosting
  • Solve plugin clashes & bugs offline and buggy themes
  • Make as many mistakes as you like without consequence
  • Back up your development work in minutes not hours
  • Many more...(create 12 Wordpress sites at the same time?)
It's an all-in-one software, isn't it?

How does WP Simulator work?

WP Simulator is a local hosting environment that will allow you to fix, test & develop WordPress sites faster & easier than using a live web host. As a user of WP Simulator you will run a 100% genuine version of WordPress on your PC/MAC with 12 WordPress test sites pre-configured & ready to use!It will make you less dependent on your host for development. It will certainly make you more efficient in your web development and creation everyday.

Why should you buy it?

I'm wondering why you don't buy it. But I have no idea why you do that. You certainly won't do that,right? I think you will just do as you don't want to improve your success by increasing your speed faster than competitors, maintain your rankings on Google and your good reputation, and start again with another copy of your database after hackers' greetings. Don't tell me that you really don't want to. However, I have to honestly say that it has few cons, like too many features and too new to use expertly. But you don't worry about those, there will be a guide for you.

What will you receive when buying it?

Do you want to get tons of valuable bonuses? When you invest in WP Simulator, you will get WP Simulator and 12 following great bonuses:

Bonuses Extra bonuses (insider secrets)
40 Cleaned themes ($19) How to backup/restore WP Simulator ($19)
Ready pages & theme tests ($17) How to test & clean themes ($17)
Recommended plugins ($9) The essential plugins ($17)
Essential plugin tutorial ($9) The Time Saver Plugin ($9)
WordPress fast class ($19) WP Getting Out of Jail Solutions ($27)
How to fix WordPress faults ($19) Hiding Admin Areas ($9)
All of the bonuses you can get above are worth $257. Currently, to own WP Simulator and the bonuses, you must pay $97, but you will have a special chance to get it at $27 on launch date. I don't know whether you find this is a great deal or not, but in my opinion it's so great. $27 is a good price to own all of those weapons which will serve throughout your IM lifetime.
Do you want?
Well, Why don't you buy it now?
Enjoy The Ultra Low Price For a Limited Time!
You Have Our 60-Day Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee

WP Simulator
4.5/ 5stars

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